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Here at Combat International all of our combatants and performers are trained to the highest standards in the industry. All of our performers have experience on camera and are the perfect choice for feature roles and stunt features where you may be missing that one key ingredient. 

All of our combatants have been tested and trialled relentlessly to ensure they are of the highest professional standard as well as being able to be completely flexible to any of your needs when on set. The best choice you'll make is bringing a Combat International combatant onto your production.


We know from experience that many productions need not only skill but personality. We pride ourselves in our characteristics here at Combat International, all of our performers, crew, technicians and administrative gurus are always ready to meet your needs with a smile and a good bit of "craic".

We love what we do and we love making your lives easy, we know just how stressful the world of Film and Television can get so we are always readily available to change, alter, re-organise or completely overhaul what is required of us at any given notice to ensure everything runs as smooth as possible with little hassle!

As it's been said already, the best choice you'll make is choosing Combat International for your production.

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