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Welcome to the Combat International Training Academy

Our reputation is unparalleled in the industry as is our spirit and camaraderie. 

We have been providing the T.V. & Film industry with professionally trained combatants for over twenty-five years. Our aim is to consistently deliver an authentic and gritty reality that closely resembles the true carnage of war. 


Start Your Journey Now


What to Expect 

In our Academy, you will be taught by industry recognised professionals with a back catalogue of some of the biggest productions in Hollywood. Their skills and knowledge are fundamental in preparing you for on-screen combat. 

You will be prepared for every conceivable situation and the realities of being on set as well as a confident use of a wide array of weaponry and combat styles.

Besides the practical fighting skills, you will learn how to attain the correct attitude, discipline and energy required for your part, and our training will ensure you are confident, adaptable and safe in the most extreme set conditions. 


To achieve your goals you must begin with initiation into our Combatant Series course, starting with Phase I, and working your way up to the final assessment. In addition to the Combatant Series  Courses we also host a selection of specialised proficiency courses in individual weapon types, including black powder musketry, blank firing rifle and pistol training and a variety of unarmed combat techniques and more.

Once you have achieved your final assessment grading, you will be invited to join us on film sets to gain hands-on experience under Combat International's guidance.

Progressing from there you may work towards becoming a member of Combat International through our Membership Assessment.

Sign up for your Initiation course and join the largest growing outfit of professional Stunt Combat Performers in the UK. 

Ready to join our team ?

Sign up now for our upcoming courses! 

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