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When you bring the full power of Combat International to your production, it's an experience like no other. For over 25 years we have been taking to the set as a tight-knit group of talented individuals providing realistic, brutal representation of combat scenarios. We are trained in such a manner that where others are focused around "making the hit look good" we make the hit, and it looks good! 

Our specialised way of training has us stand out from the rest, from Gladiator to Transformers: The Last Knight, The Last Duel, Justice League or Netflix's Cursed when we are fighting for your production you can tell the difference. 

We eat, sleep, travel and fight as a unit and that's one of the key factors your production will benefit from. Our focus is to bring the best on-screen result to the production.

We offer a "buffer zone" between your core Stunt Team and Principals and any background artists to ensure no shot is compromised and your stunts team can carry out their job flawlessly and uninterrupted.

We never aim to take away from those on the British Stunt Register (BSR) as they have dedicated their lives to earn that place. As much as all of our team have carried out core stunts roles, as a group we can offer both, we can be your core stunts team or we can be their support and create the most brutally realistic fight scenes you'll see on film.

Contact us HERE to discuss having Combat International join your ranks!

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