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2023 Course Calendar is LIVE

As 2023 is now in full swing the team have put together the 2023 calendar for the first half of the year! This format allows us to more accurately gauge interest and progression so we can tailor the courses later in the year around potential filming opportunities and projects! See below for the dates: Phase 1 - 1st & 2nd of April

Phase 2 - 5th to 7th of May

SPACT Accreditation - 27th of May

Phase 3 - 30th to 2nd July

Phase 3 will of course be held at Duncarron Medieval Village, our very own facility and film set as soon to be seen in Outlander Season 7 as well as previous productions such as The Bruce, Norsemen (Netflix) and BBC Productions! We look forward to you all joining us this year! Slainte!

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