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Class of 2022 - SPACT Ready!

Our first Phase 2 "Class of 2022" complete their 3 day course backed up with a final day of SPACT accreditation assessments, what a week, a fast paced and brutal 4 days comes to a close but what an effort from these budding new hopefuls looking to scale the mountain to reach Combat International status!

Three of our latest group traveled from all the way in the USA from different states all with a passion for learning the CITA way! We were blown away by the dedication to learning the craft as that is some journey, especially making their first trip to Scotland just to visit us! We were honoured to say the least!

They all put in a serious amount of hard work and we look forward to seeing you all at extra training and the next phases. Well done everyone and a big massive thank you to the instructors for their hard work and time. We will be running one final Phase 1 this year on November 19th as a 2 day course before we take our leave for winter to create and plan a whole new jam packed calendar for next year! Keep an eye on the Combat Courses Webpage and our Socials for more information!! Slainte!

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