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What Does it Mean?


What is a SPACT? A SPACT is a term used for those in the world of Film and Television operating as an SA (Supporting Artist) but they've got that little extra experience when it comes to "Special Actions" ergo the "Special Action Extra".

When Combat International was formed, there was no such thing, as time went by and organisations were formed to appease big productions with nervous insurance brokers, the standard for Stunts changed forever. The Stunt Performer was split, you now had BSR registered Stunt Performers and SPACTs.

Many people will apply for combat roles as a SPACT and unfortunately, many agencies will take any form of Combat/Martial Arts experience (even from when you were a whippersnapper!) as a qualification for a role as a SPACT.

Here at Combat International, as the group who coined the term SPACT and are as much as we dislike the term, the original SPACTS, we believe the standard has slipped! We ensure through our "Combatant Series" courses that upon reaching your SPACT accreditation you are more than equipped to brave the world of SPACT level screen combat, a high standard, quality and professionalism.

After reaching that stage you can continue on to reaching the coveted Combat International membership which opens the doors to a plethora of opportunities that you wouldn't get as a SPACT.

Why not head on over to our Combat Courses page on our website and get started on your journey to becoming the best screen combatant you can be and start working in the industry as a recognised screen combatant without the need to break the bank or ever-rising expectations of the "official bodies"...

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