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The Training Academy

The Combat International Training Academy (CITA) will offer a series of courses and accreditations to those eager to contribute to the Film and TV industry. For over 25 years, Combat International has been at the forefront of the Screen Combat sector amassing over 400 productions under its wing.

These are just some of the productions we've had the pleasure of working on over the years and it's been quite the rollercoaster.

CITA will be launching its "Combatant Series", this course isn't something to just "have a go" these courses will be challenging but ultimately very rewarding for those looking to progress their career in the industry, or further adapt their knowledge in the screen sector. Whether you aspire to be a stunt performer, a screen combatant or a supporting artist with the extra skillset to be able to mould yourself to other roles when assigned a role on production, these courses are what you need to make that happen.

The courses consist of Four Phases over a total of seven interlinked courses, as well as proficiencies that can be added to further hone your skills and adapt on the knowledge you'll earn from our courses!

"Phase I" is the "Initiation", Screen Combat basics with a test of your endurance and a study into on set etiquette and how to approach the job the CITA way. This isn't a couple of days teaching you to suck eggs, the courses are designed to be challenging both mentally and physically to train you for what will be long arduous days on set, where the term your ears are often met with will be "hurry up and wait" a comical term but a reality. Everyone MUST complete "Phase I" before moving on to "Phase II", this ensures that all of our combatants are on the same page when it comes to weapon mechanics and style. Eliminating margin for error. "Phase II" will be a much deeper dive into the various weapons you'll likely be expected to use as a standard "SPACT" a term often used on sets referring to "Special Action Extras". Not a term we stand by, but a term coined by our team many years ago nonetheless. In this phase you'll start to work on your multi-weapon abilities, discovering the complexities and overcoming the challenges of working with your differing "Tools of the Trade". The likelihood of you arriving on set and being handed an Axe when you prefer a sword is highly likely, so we will ensure your skills are not focused on one weapon system, a "Jack of All" is very valuable in the Screen Combat role!

"SPACT Accreditation" will be your first assessment, this comes after passing "Phase II", you will be tested on your knowledge and abilities earned through the first two phases and will be tested in multiple variations of combat by one of our instructors, you will be expected to perform "One on One" as well as in a "Grouping" this may result in One vs Three, One vs Four, it will be sporadic and chosen on the day as to simulate the sporadic nature of onset decisions. Upon your successful completion of this assessment, you will be awarded your SPACT Accreditation whereby we as Combat International will confidently represent you in the capacity of SPACT roles and are confident you will be successful when carrying out your trade on set. We recognise many people claim to have the skills of a SPACT nowadays and sadly when we have witnessed their performances on set, it's not up to the strong standard that is expected by neither us, not stunt coordinators across the industry.

Some of the Combat International Team at our very own filming location Duncarron!

"Phase III" is the most physically intense and immensely rewarding phase of Combatant Training. It elevates your skills to the next level both mentally and physically. Under the guidance of our leading Stunt Co-ordinators and Performers, you will learn to perform a series of fight scenarios under real set conditions at our very own Film Location. Working with a constantly-rotating series of groups and partners, you will display your fighting skills as a disciplined warrior and your performance will be recorded for your keepsake as well as for use by us if you decide to join us for Agency Representation. As well as learning to use a variety of new weapons like Gladius and Polearms, you will perform as principal acts or characters, honing your skills to become a truly well-rounded combatant. "Phase IV" will require drawing upon everything you have learned in the Combatant Series, you will hone your performing skills to some of the highest standards in the industry. From daggers, muskets and double-handed axes to duelling weapons, you’ll learn to use whatever weapon is handed to you to bring your on-screen self to life with an explosive impact.

You will also be given a multiple-choice theory test to complete on the course, testing your knowledge of the theoretical elements of screen combat learned from each phase. Results of the theory test will be given on the day. Should you not pass the theory test, you will have the opportunity to re-take it at a later date. The combination of the Phase IV course assessment and the successful passing of the theory test will deem you a CITA Advanced Screen Combatant, a title very few have achieved.

Finally, you will be invited to a final phase assessment, whereupon completion you'll be in line to earn your colours and be welcomed into the Combat International Family and Brand where you will benefit from various Corporate, TV, and Film Opportunities as well as Live Show performances around the globe.

Various figures holding different weapon systems in a huddle, with the banner of duncarron being held above a lone piper, the image is in black and white
Combat International Logo

Sound good? Subscribe to the mailing list at the bottom of the website to keep up to date on all course date releases or join us by downloading the Spaces app and become a site member! Courses will initially launch at our Glasgow base and our Nottingham branch will soon follow!

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2 коментарі

aileen callaghan
aileen callaghan
18 квіт. 2022 р.

This sounds so incredible. Is there a time limit to validity, or til completion of all stages, as I would have to save ££££ and need several months between phases.

Combat International
Combat International
25 квіт. 2022 р.
Коментар для:

Hi Aileen, all our courses will be running indefinitely and as we grow we will be updating the calendar with the later phases so that a smooth running can be achieved but equally if you require time between courses there will be the option to book at a time more suitable for you! And to keep you fresh and nimble we will be offering "General Training" sessions between courses so you can continue to hone your skills and prepare for the next phases!

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