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Welcome to the Stunts Hub!

For everything Film and TV Stunts Combat with Combat International!

The beginning of a Journey delayed by COVID! Here at Combat International's "Stunts Hub", we will post regular updates about how things are going and what cool productions we are working with (NDA's permitting!) and keep you all up to date on how our Combat Courses are going! We are currently launching our highly anticipated Training Academy under the abbreviation "CITA" short for "Combat International Training Academy."

Some of our Combat International Team after filming our launch video!

The Birth of Combat International

Combat International was founded in 1995 by our CEO and Founder Charles John Allan, known more commonly as Chick or Charlie! Check out our Origins story HERE! Combat International's (CI) original and continual aims were to assist in raising funds to help further the construction of Duncarron, a 12th-century medieval fortification, based in the Carron Valley. This site has been built by the volunteers of The Clanranald Trust for Scotland and has had no government assistance and to date has raised over £3 million! A massive feat! Check out Duncarron and the Clanranald over on their website!

What to Expect from Our Courses?

The courses that we are currently launching are for those with determination and a desire to contribute to the film industry! They are created by stunts combat professionals with years of experience, over 25 to be more precise, and they are developed for those who wish to pursue a career in Film and TV or want to better themselves on screen with a wider repertoire of skills and abilities!

If you're excited about this check out our socials and drop a comment on the launch video and Subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of our page to be kept up to date with all new blog and course-related posts!

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